Lunar Champs - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Lunar Champs?

Lunar Champs is a competitive invitational event introduced to the Lunar Network in 2020. It was going well for a while, but we decided to take a break from it. It is just now returning in 2022 and looks better than ever. It is a division filled with the best PracticePvP players in the PotPvP community. In 2020, these players played in a bracket of 15 people, which determined their ranking in the division, as seen here: Click Me. Nowadays, we already have our rankings set, so we slowly introduce new players as unranked and have them climb their way up!

Our main division kit is No Debuff. Most of our fights are the best of 5, but the lower-ranked players do the best of 3. We are open to more kits in the future, but we want to keep it strictly No Debuff for now.

What does the Champion get and how do I become the Champion?

If you take a look at our ladder (, you'll see 16 players on the left (1 Champion and 15 Ranked) along with an unknown amount of players on the right (Unranked). The player at the top of the leaderboard with the trophy (The Champion) holds a unique Lunar Champion cloak and Lunar Champion belt. These two cosmetics alone are bragging rights to show that they are dominant in their division (No Debuff). The Champion holds these two cosmetics UNTIL they lose, from which we will then move the cosmetic to the player who beat them. We will display the amount of time(s) a Champion has defended their cloak/belt on the right under "Streak".

Players who are ranked and unranked will fight amongst each other to climb the rankings slowly. When the time comes, the number 1 ranked contender has the best odds for a chance to face the Champion.


How can I play?

Currently, we are on the brink of being full. Fighters are constantly being cycled out to find the best competition and make this the toughest division to be ranked in. We often communicate with the current contenders to bring in the best possible. In other words, ranked players can vouch for you.

How often do contenders have to fight?

The division Champion usually fights once every 2-3 weeks. This is because we need time for the division to fight against each other so we can offer the best player possible to fight the Champion. Ranked and unranked contenders, however, fight 1-2 times a week.

Where / When can I watch this?

Currently, I announce fights in our Discord ( For only our Championship fights, I allow spectators by turning off the whitelist on our beta server. This will of course change when the new season is released. Otherwise, spectators are disabled for the rest of the fights.

When will the rankings be updated?

The rankings update after every match (very frequently). 

How will we combat cheating?

Both players will be monitored by our review team via screenshare during the fight. We will also be utilizing our anticheat by proactively checking our players as the fight goes on.

Will there be other unique cloaks besides the contender/champion cloak?

We've added a win/loss ratio beside player rankings. The player with the most ridiculously good win/loss ratio will be given a unique cloak when the time comes. We are looking into adding more cloaks for accomplishments. Some accomplishments we're looking at are most fights in lunar champs, most wins, most dominant, etc.

Will players be in Lunar Champs forever?

No, players tend to get cut from Champs if they can not keep up with the competition or starts to become inactive. It is very competitive and if you keep losing while you are unranked, we will start looking for a replacement to keep it fresh. Constantly declining fights will also get you removed from Champs. Having a tough infraction history on the network especially when you are in Champs isn't good. Behave yourselves.

How is this different from gaining elo on Practice servers?

Simple! Our ladders are mainly centric around legit and competitive players from around the world. On a practice server, you can climb elo overnight by fighting players that aren't so good, but while in Champs, every single fight is competitive. Usually, an anti cheat is focused on trying to catch hundreds to thousands of players cheating, which is realistically difficult on ANY server. When you are in a Lunar Champs match, staff will be 100% focused on two players, making it much harder to cheat. We also blacklist players on everything for cheating so there is much less reason to cheat.