Bedwars Tournament 17

Hello everyone, we are happy to announce Lunar’s first-ever Bedwars Tournament! This two-week Tournament will be single-elimination and consist of 32 teams with 4 main players and 2 subs per team.

Make a ticket under the “Minigames” section at https://www.lunar.gg/tickets/create/2 saying you would like to join the tournament (with the format below). A staff member will respond with further information!

Team captain (IGN and Discord):
Team members (4 main players, 2 subs):

Matches will be scheduled on the dates and times below (may vary):

First - Third Round (Best of 1)
Friday (August 20th, 2PM - 6PM EST)
Saturday (August 21st, 2PM - 6PM EST)

Semi-Finals (Best of 3) - will be streamed
Friday (August 27th, 2PM-6PM EST)

Finals (Best of 5) - will be streamed
Saturday (August 28th, 2PM-6PM EST)

1st Place: Custom Cloaks + 90d Epic rank
2nd Place: Temp 30d Epic rank + Cosmetic from store
Most Tournament Kills: Two cosmetics from store

Breaking any of the rules will be subject to disqualification and punishment on the network based on staff discretion.
All server rules apply to the tournament. The rules can be found at https://www.lunar.gg/rules.
Bows will be disabled
Emeralds will be disabled
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make sure some dude with an egirl skin doesnt autoclick and godbridge around the map 97 times
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i am hyped
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Lunar stepped down, so we stepped up. BlockGame.US - A Legacy PvP Experience | open testing, release soon
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