Network Updates - #2 7

Updates #2


General Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue with queuing into Practice.

New Features

• Added a new tablist display.

• Added a setting to switch between the new display and the old vanilla tablist. (/settings)

Practice (Season X)

General Bug Fixes

• No longer tell players to adjust their ping settings if they're already maxed out.

• Resolved an issue with players breaking blocks in KOTL event.

• Made a slight adjustment to the w-tap percentage counter.

• Fixed a double message issue when queuing into Competitive.

• Resolved issues with team leaders disconnecting during Red Rovers.

• Updated the scoreboard in Red Rovers.

New Features

• Added a new event called Cactus Clutch

• Added a leader board command. (/leaderboard)

• Added a new ELO command menu, which can be enabled in settings. (/settings)

Match-Making Updates

• Added 1 new setting, related to match-making. (/pingsettings or /settings)

The new setting will be for Competitive Queues only.


General Bug Fixes

• Made it so the website displays the correct map name in post-match links.

• Fixed an issue in the settings page, where it would just display 'Your rank is permanent'.

New Features

• Added Badges to be displayed on players accounts and next to their names. (More info soon)

If you encounter any bugs, issues or have suggestions for improvements, please open a support ticket here.

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