SoupPvP - Season 5 Announcement 16

Season 5 of SoupPvP will be released March 4th at 5pm EST. We’ve added a large amount of new content this season, from kits, perks to new features. I’m not going to do a full change-log this season, since there was simply too much to cover. However, below you’ll find brief descriptions of the larger updates.

General Updates

Event System Revamp & New Events:
We’ve fully revamped our event system, in hopes it’ll be far less buggy compared to the original system. In addition to this revamped system, we’ve added 7 new events to the event pool. The events will still cost credits to be hosted, and winners will still get rewards for winning. We’ve added a new event pass, which will allow donors to bypass the purchase cost of events to start them. Below is a full list of all the events we offer now, if you need more information on them I’d recommend testing them out in-game!

Event Pool (10 Events):
• Sumo
• Last Man Standing (LMS)
• High Ground
• Battle Royale
• Team Royale
• Switcher Spleef
• TNT Run
• Death Run
• Thimble
• Wool Shuffle

Battle Pass:
We’ve added a battle pass, with Daily, Weekly and Premium challenges. When you complete a challenge you’re rewarded with XP to advance your battle pass level. Each level has a custom star icon in chat, and comes with different rewards. You can find a full list of rewards by going in-game and typing /battlepass or using the NPC at spawn.

Black Market:
We’ve also added a black market this season. The black market is a shop for ‘illegal, broken or stolen goods’. From kits, ability items to regular shop items and even time-based contracts. You will need to locate the blackmarket NPC every season, as it’s hidden around the map and will move each season.

Black Market Kits:
Here you’ll be able to purchase, one-time use kits at a heavy discount. After you purchase the kit, you’ll be able to use it once regardless of death or not. You will only be able to purchase each kit in the black market once a week.

Black Market Shop:
You’re able to purchase some shop items, and various other items at a heavy discount. However, you’ll only be able to purchase them once a week. (Stats reset has been removed from the shop, and placed into the black market now)

Black Market Contracts:
These are time-based contracts, meaning once you purchase them, you only have 1 day to complete the contract. These contracts are very similar to the battle pass challenges, however this will be your way to convert CREDITS into XP to further advance your battle pass level.

Kit Updates & New Kits:
We’ve made a lot of general kit changes, from the new kit selection menu, balancing out our current kits to adding 6 new kits! I’ve listed the new kits below, as for the balances you’ll just have to play to find out.

New Kits:
• Jedi
• Mario
• Leprechaun
• Pulse
• Assassin
• Turbo

Kit Rotation:
Kit rotation has been added back, fully revamped. For anyone who doesn’t remember kit rotation, it’s a simple way to get free kits. Every 7 days, you’ll be able to spin to receive a random kit that you don’t already have access to. You will then be able to use that kit for 7 days before you have to spin again. The revamped kit rotation system now has re-roll tokens. This means, if you have a re-roll token and don’t like the kit you were given for free or you just want another kit to use, you’re able to spin again bypassing the 7 day cool-down. Fair warning, you’re only able to use a re-roll token once every 24 hours. Re-roll tokens will only be given out as battle pass rewards, event rewards or by staff hosted events.

You can locate kit rotation inside of the updated kit selection menu, at the top left.

Skull Hunt:
Present skulls will now be placed around the map, in different locations each season. If you find a present skull, you can right click it to receive an XP reward. As of now, each skull gives 25 XP towards your battle pass. Enjoy hunting.

Storage System:
As of now, the storage system is fairly useless. For now, you’ll only be able to store, shop items and some kill streak items. We have more planned, that will make this storage system more useful. Stay tuned.

Last Season Stats & Leaderboards

Chemist was the most used kit.
Unicorn was the least used kit.
Creditor was the most used perk.
Sore Loser was the least used perk.
Teqze had the highest amount of kills. (14,121 total kills)
Filth had the highest killstreak. (1,250 concurrent kills)
ohPerfect had the highest balance. (286,610 total credits)
Akazaz had the most deaths. (4,392 total deaths)

Please report any and all bugs by submitting a support ticket. If you’re found to be repeatedly abusing a bug, you will be banned without warning.
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