MCTeams: End Point Event | Sunday at 5:00PM EST 5

The End Point event will take place on Sunday (8/21) at 5:00PM EST.

General Information

• The capture point time will be one minute, 30 seconds.
• The recharge time for the capture point will be five minutes.
• The first team to capture the point three times wins the event.
• The exit portal will be open while the point is recharging, and once the event winner is decided.
• There is a five minute death ban in the end.
• Chests will be refilled after each capture while the point is recharging.
• No gear or enchant limits
• No instant damage or invisibility potions will be allowed into the end.
Note: Some of this information can be changed during the event by staff if necessary.

Rundown of the Event

• A capture point and loot based event that takes place in the END dimension. There are chests scattered around with loot that players can fight for, as well as a capture point in the center for teams to contest. Once the point is captured, it refills loot into all of the scattered chests and gives the players time to fight over them while the point recharges.
• The first team to capture the point a set amount of times wins the events and claims the prize.
• For more information, visit:

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