Network Updates - #3 6

Updates #3


New Features

• Added book announcements, for 1.8 players. (We will start to use this soon)

• Added a new setting to adjust which book announcements you're prompted with. (/settings)

Practice (Season X)


• Updated the 'Ping Chat Display' setting to work correctly.

New Features

• Updated the practice lobby, due to reports of players getting extreme FPS drops and lag spikes.

• Added two new red rover ladders; Debuff & Soup

• Added a bedrock border under the glass for certain maps. (Hopefully to help players who use clear glass)

• Removed the following two maps from the map pool, due to low ratings; Valley & Picnic

• Added two maps to the map pool; Daisy & Perry The Platypus

Match-Making Updates

• Removed the 'ping allowance' setting for Competitive.

• Added a new setting called, ''Allowed Regions" for Competitive only. (/settings)


We've started working on Season 6 of SoupPvP, unfortunately I won't be updating everyone on what exactly is going into the season.


• Removed the Season Pass from the store, until Season 6.

• Added a join message, which prompts you to give any SoupPvP Season 6 suggestions using the tickets.

If you have any suggestions for new kits, perks, kill streaks or anything else you'd like to see in Season 6, please create a suggestion support ticket here


New Features

• Added the Champs Trophy badge, which will be granted to ranked Champs players. (

If you encounter any bugs, issues or have suggestions for improvements, please open a support ticket here.

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you guys have basically fixed practice now, time to get some players on there!
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bring back hcf!
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Map x please
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