Kit Sniping, Spectating In Order to Clean, and Allying are NOT ALLOWED - Effective Immediately. 168

This is a post I've been holding off on since Map 1, but it has become unavoidable. Staff will now be punishing players who are on the server simply to ruin the experience of others. Until we implement an in-game prevention, the following rules are effective immediately:

Kit Sniping: If you are "spectating" a fight in between other factions and are simply going for their kits in order to ruin the fight, you will be banned. If staff are watching you, they may be courteous and TP you out, or warn you to stop, but nonetheless, they can ban at their discretion.

Spectating Fights: If you are "spectating" a fight just to wait to clean, you will be banned. Stop being weird. This isn't how HCF is supposed to be played, and it hasn't been played like this prior to this new community. You either get involved in the fight, or you don't. Don't wait in the sidelines the entire fight and wait to sweep in and make someone raidable.

Allying: Allying has always been against the rules. However, many of you have found loopholes in these rules. I'm going to make this very simple: if you are coordinating with another faction in order to kill someone, or a faction, that is considered allying. This includes but is not limited to:
a) cleaning a fight with another faction --> "you go for faction A, i'll go for faction B"
b) spectating a fight with another faction, or with other players, and waiting for you both to clean the fight without attacking eachother.
c) coordinating when to knock a koth, when to go to end, whether or not to wait at end exit, etc.
d) purposefully kit sniping faction A (which is not allowed) a faction while completely ignoring faction B.

I'm sorry it has come to this, but this has gotten out of control. Staff will only ban for this with evidence and since we will not be able to spectate every single fight, make sure you have people recording.

Does this mean that fights will only be 1v1s now? Or that you are not allowed to get involved in fights, clean, etc? NO. You guys can play HCF like its supposed to be played, But if you are on my server just to ruin the experience of others, you will be banned.

Please be aware that this is also going to be completely based off of staff discretion. If you don't get your way, don't bitch, or you'll find yourself banned, too.

EDIT: This will be an experiment to all of us. If this does not work out, we will find another solution. But up until we implement something in-game that will prevent this from happening in the first place, these rules are in full effect.

EDIT V2: I understand that not all factions are powers and don't do this with ill will, and we understand that. It is very obvious to tell who gets involved in fights to purposefully ruin the experience of others, and who gets involved in fights because they are just playing the game. Don't try to find loopholes.
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