SoupPvP - Season 4 Information & Updates 18

Season 4 of SoupPvP will be released tomorrow, Saturday, August 14th at 1:00 PM EST. For this season we focused on balancing kits and perks while still keeping the core gamemode, a changelog can be found below.

General Updates:
The Map has been fully reset.
Free Kit Fridays should enable and disable at the correct time.
Stats have been added to the website.
Events will now wait 5 extra seconds before starting.
Flat Arena has been added, officially. (/warp flat)
Juggernauts will have fireworks launched above their head every 5 minutes.
Bounties can only be placed on online players.
High Ground was added back to the event rotation.
Weapons should no longer take durability.
Coinflip has been added. (/coinflip)
Messages can now be toggled in /settings. (Bounty, KillStreak & Coinflip)

Kit Updates:
Shadow has been added.
Turtle has been added back to rotation.
Magican has been added back to rotation.
CopyCat won’t be fully healed after kills.
Dwarf no longer has feather falling.
Dwarf has been increased to 2750 credits.
Fisherman now has speed 1 instead of speed 2.
Fisherman now has a cooldown of 20 seconds.
Grappler now has a sharpness 1 iron sword.
Grappler now has unbreaking 2 on the leggings.
Melon now has a diamond hoe, instead of a melon for its weapon.
Monk now has a reduced cooldown for its ability.
Monk now has a sharpness 3 wooden sword.
Palioxis was updated for a better pearl return system.
Phantom has had its flight time reduced.
Stomper does slightly more damage than before.
Torch replaced diamond sword with an iron sword.
Torch now has sharpness 2 on its sword.
Turtle now has unbreaking 30 on the helmet.
Turtle now has unbreaking 25 on the chestplate.
Turtle now has unbreaking 25 on the leggings.
Turtle now has unbreaking 30 on the boots.
Unicorn now has unbreaking 75 on the helmet.
Unicorn now has a reduced cooldown for its dumbjump ability.
Vampire will now only get regeneration 3 instead of 5 on kills.

Perk Updates:
Anchor perk has been added.
Armorer perk has been added.
Bounty Hunter perk has been added.
Relinquish perk has been added.
Cana has been reworked for lily pads and carpet.
Jammer has been decreased to 450 credits.
Jammer had its fire rate increased.
Refiller has been increased to 500 credits.
Reverse CopyCat has been decreased to 350 credits.
Sore Loser has been decreased to 100 credits.

Last Season Stats & Leaderboards:
CopyCat was the most used kit.
Unicorn was the least used kit.
Creditor was the most used perk.
Taunt was the least used perk.
Weztorm had the highest amount of kills. (31,657 total kills)
Ramon had the highest killstreak. (1,502 concurrent kills)
Narthex had the most events won. (1,234 total event wins)
Assertives had the highest balance. (300,000 total credits)
Weztorm had the most deaths. (11,083 total deaths)

Please report any and all bugs by submitting a support ticket. If you’re found repeatedly abusing a bug, you will be banned.
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