Practice Matchmaking

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Season X - Match Making



  • Sort the players based off their ping to their best location and their time in the queue (which determines how big of a ping gap that is acceptable)

    • If two players do not have the best location, we sort the locations based on distance from each other. (UK is closer to East than west, so it'll be sorted UK, East, West...)

  • Select two players periodically based on their distance to each other (two players with the same best location will be very close to each other in the list we sorted).

    • If two players are selected from different locations they are retried with players that are in their same location, or players that have similar ping to them on their best location. These are called mis-match players and will usually be the worst matchup possible in casual. 

  • Two players chosen with the same best location will fight in their best location, as this is the best fight they could hope for in terms of ping and fairness

  • Two players that are chosen as a mis-match will use the Location Choice as stated below. 



  • Competitive matchmaking is more complex than casual, as it attempts to have a fair and balanced match with respect to elo as well as choosing the best location for the fight to occur. So we sort the players in the list by elo, then their time waiting determines the amount of acceptable elo difference on both sides.

  • If the two players have the same best region we will then match them in that region, determine if both players are in the other player's acceptable ping range (determined by wait time in the queue), and if so the match will begin in that best region.

    • If the best location is not the same for both players, see Location Choice as stated below.


  • Find your best region based on ping

  • Determine the server in that region that has the lowest player count and highest TPS and start the match on that server. 


Location Choice (Casual/Competitve)

  • If the players have the same 'best location' they will automatically be chosen for this location and the fight will occur

    • A 'best location' is a location that you have the lowest average ping to over a series of 2-5 pings

    • We will also take the response from the other pings and rank your personal best regions from that list.

  • Ranked Difference is the 2nd step to determine the best location for a match

    • We go through both players' ranked locations based on ping to determine the location that offers the LOWEST ping for both players while keeping the ping difference minimal. The formula for this calculation is: "P1Ping + P2Ping + | P1Ping - P2Ping|" In an example where the ping of player 1 is 5, and the ping of player 2 is 25, the score for this region will be 50. If another region has a lower score than 50 that region will be chosen. 

  • Difference of Squares is the 3rd step, this is rarely used but will occasionally be used if there is a tie between ranked difference (two regions have the same score)

    • We go through all the regions that are given (the regions that tied ranked difference) and perform a difference of squares formula.

  • If no regions can be determined from the checks above, the match is aborted and will not continue. 

  • If a region is chosen then we will calculate the server in that region with the highest TPS and lowest player count to start the match on. 


Location Choice (Party)

  • We take the average ping of the party for each region, then rank the regions then perform a difference of squares (see above for detail) on that list of regions to determine the most fair fight for the two parties.