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Season 6 Release Information

Season 6 of SoupPvP will be released Friday, September 30th at 5:00 PM EST. You can read what will be reset, changed and updated in the new season below;

General Updates:
The Map has been fully reset. (There is more information about the map below)
Player Stats have been fully reset.
Lucky Wheel has been added. (/warp arcade)
Settings have been fully revamped and an item has been added to your hotbar while in spawn. (/settings)
Spawn Prevention setting has been added, it can be disabled in settings.
Spectate Command has been updated to be more smooth.
Disguise players will now have their stats scrambled.
Juggernaut "event" has been revamped, but is for staff and creators only still.
P2P Command has been removed.
Storage will now be used automatically for certain perks and items when you're logging out.
Shop & Repair will be on a cooldown of 2 minutes, while outside of spawn. (Resets on death, disconnect or /spawn)
Events will remain disabled, for now.
Anti-Boost has been updated to help prevent losers.

Map Information:
For Season 6, we're going to use the Season 0.5/Season 1 map that a lot of players seemed to enjoy. That being said, we've made the surface of that map more flat and reduced the river size. Alongside us using this older map, we've decided to try out a new concept for the Season 6 map. Each week, the environment around the map will he updated in some way. This means each week a new part of the map will be changed, so it can be anything from buildings, trees, towers, structures falling down, parts of the river going dry, new parts of the map getting construction, and much more. Our current plan is play out a story line for all of Season 6 which will change the maps environment. At this time, I don't want to spoil the whole story line, but there are hints on the current Week #1 map. As stated before, we're simply testing this new style of map out and cannot promise the story line will even effect SoupPvP in any beneficial way or that we will continue to do this for future seasons.

Kit Updates:
Penguin has been added.
Kangaroo will now be placed on cooldown after their first launch.
Melon had its damage buffed.
Switcher will no longer be able to 'switch' themself.
Wrath now has a stone sword, with Sharpness 2.
Stomper can no longer 'double' stomp.
Stomper had its damage reduced.
Leprechaun will no longer give credits with its ability.
Eskimo can now be used as a Nuke Shelter, using its ability item.
Jedi has been disabled.
Unicorn has been disabled.

Perk Updates:
Perk Menu has been fully revamped.
Steady Hands perk has been added.
Skull Collector perk has been added.
Creditor will no longer make you go negative in credits.
Sore Loser has decreased to 50 credits.
Bounty Hunter has decreased to 50 credits.
Martydom has decreased to 150 credits.
Relinquish has decreased to 250 credits.
Jammer has decreased to 125 credits.

Kill Streak Updates:
Stampede has been added at KS 65.
Refill Cow has been added at KS 70.
Chicken Chopper has received multiple improvements.

Battlepass Updates:
Levels have been updated to be more complete-able.
Daily Challenges have been fully revamped, to be more 'daily' friendly and enjoyable.
Weekly Challenges have been fully revamped, you must now complete each week before moving forward.

Pop Gun has been added to the Item Shop.
Flashbang has been added to the Item Shop.
Stat Resets has been increased to 2500 credits, in the Item Shop.
One-Time Kits have been updated to change weekly, in the Kit Shop.
General Contracts have been removed.
Kill Contracts have been removed.

If you encounter any bugs, issues or have suggestions for improvements, please open a support ticket here.

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