Map #9 Details 8

MCTeams Map #9 begins on Friday(1/6) at 3:00PM EST.

General Information

• 10 man teams
• 10,000x10,000 block border (overworld & nether)
• N0 enchant limits
• No Kits or Crates
• Gold Economy
• Soup heals 3.5 hearts


End Point: A capture point and loot based event that takes place in the END dimension. There are chests scattered around with loot that players can fight for, as well as a capture point in the center for teams to contest. Once the point is captured, it refills loot into all of the scattered chests and gives the players time to fight over them while the point recharges. The first team to capture the point a set amount of times wins the events and claims the prize.
Feast: A KOTH style event that can take place anywhere within 512 blocks of spawn. You can build very close to the event and may even have to place blocks to get up to the platform which can add new strategies for securing and defending the capture zone.
Iron Feast: The same as the Feast event but limited to players wearing iron armor.
Destroy-The-Core: Teams will fight to destroy the core block a set amount of times to claim the prize.
• More to come

General Changes and Additions

Tokens: Tokens are a currency previously held by Teams that can be used to purchase special items from the Merchant NPC in spawn. They are no longer team based and will be held individually by players.
Obby Pickaxe: A new special item that can be used to double the output of obsidian when mined. This item can be purchased with tokens from the Merchant NPC in spawn.
Coinflips: Coinflips are a way of wagering your gold with other players - this feature will only be available within spawn.
Daily Rewards: Players can claim a daily reward once per day. They will be available via /rewards.
Playtime Rewards: Players can claim a rewards by hitting playtime milestones. They will be available via /rewards. Playtime can be checked via /playtime.
Team Invite: Players can now directly invite each other to their teams without the use of the team password.
Custom Tablist: Toggleable via /settings.

Iron Boats: Iron Boats will be enabled. Visit for more details.
Salvaging: Advanced salvaging will be enabled. Visit for more details.
Dimensions Indicators: When tracking, players with a donator rank can tell which dimension the person they are tracking is in.

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