Squads Map 4 SOTW 51

Are you sure?
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We didn't let the "community" die - it was pretty dead already (at least in the 1.7.10 scene). If anything, we made it more enjoyable for you guys during summer. We hosted some of the biggest games of the year (450+) and did our best to maintain it, but the truth is, it is a lot of maintenance. We had to focus our dev power/attention else where.

This would have been easier if other servers didn't piggy back off of the success of our initial games and tried splitting the community by poaching youtubers, staff, etc for their own personal gain because in the end, it is evident that it didn't work out in anyone's best interest. I may talk about this more in the future, but we'll leave it at that.

We may bring it back during vacations, or just random weekends, but we probably won't be hosting daily games anytime soon.
Are you sure?
Ok, thanks for the clarification.
Are you sure?