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  • Signed by TheRemarkable

  • Hi Jefir this is coming from Bestpepe I played lunar long time. i wanted ask if you fast at potting. i hear from friend Jefir fast potting. can you train me i need faster pot method.

  • I specific said I'm busy you fucking retard. What do you not get

  • ofc, he writes who has no brain, I suppose you spoke to her, every time he wrote to me that my work is "pretty" and after that you write that I am stupid, you yourself hint that you are a hypocrite if it all looked disgusting, and to explain how you understand how to throw pots I asked you for two weeks. braindead cringe

  • Ur so stupid I didn't even say anything and you keep asking the same shit over and over again what did I ever do to u. U really piss me off I try to help with ur issue cuz you keep asking me for help. Very annoying don't ever speak to me ever. Dogshit player

  • because it's really interesting to think about it, and you just stupidly ignored all the requests, oh yes, of course, I forgot that you are dog shit who plays from a laptop at 200 fps cringe