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  • го файт 1 на 1 я тебя разьебу ты понял блять я номер 1 во вселенной

  • today awesomealex223 Simply to had to Do to What had to be done . di'dnt not have a problem with The jewdah untill i watched that jewdah made a video on the zuiy . on Gang Will represent for best of parauay and known the name awesomealex223 for #1 best on the word undefeated . ggs ONLY L hoy awesomealex223 Simplemente tenía que hacer lo que había que hacer . di'dnt no tiene un problema con el j

  • Hello awesome alex! I am here from planet minecraft to inform you that we do not tolerate edating. According to the Lego™ Magazine, Steve and Alex are dating. This is unnacceptable behavior and your account will be traktored. Thankyou and have a nice day.

  • gooakie

  • Hello my friend, this is a moderator of Lunar Client™. We have noticed you haven't hacked in for 4 weeks, we're just checking to see that everything is okay with our biggest fan. Since you visited us last time we've updated the Combat section with many cheats we know you will enjoy. See you soon

  • bring back diego37 also nice ban

  • Bring back diego mf

  • lets have esex please