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  • Sponsored by Osma Kebabs. Make sure to eat at our restaurant at 6563+QC6, Pennsylvania St, Aleppo, Syria.

  • are u guys still alive

  • im alive yeah me nd jad been doin u gooood

  • ur not as good as staind I've studied this over 10 times and I don't know how staind does it. 1. the timing, timing has to be perfect because you really can't hit a good player off a pot EVER unless it's perfectly timed. They have low ping, and fast reaction time. 2 positioning of the pearl has to be perfect because they can aim at you if you pearl in the right spot, but if you vary it then y

  • sry for everything i did gl irl, i dont reply to ppl who plays MC

  • bruh what hypocrisy stop crying in ur mf poopy bed and get good at pvp instead of lying

  • I Hate this kid with all my heart I hope this kid gets absolutley demolished in a car accident this kid has no soul 150ms 0 Knockback spawn blocking pussy this kid is quite possibly one of the worst players to ever touch this game like he is beyond horrible I would cut my own arm off to see this kid die I hope his family leaves him due to him playing fucking minecraft all day

  • Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Say farewell to lunar; today we are Introducing the Kihar network. Not sure if you’d heard of it yet but even though it’s a smaller server, the people who run it are really trying to revive potpvp and have already done a really great job. They’ve also spent lots time developing tons of anti cheat measures and they plan to release their own clientside anti-

  • *Pop and Juice shooting hoops in heaven* Pop: Wow it's cold I should get my DIOR DIOR jacket! Juice: Nah bro! All girls are the same! *Juice airballs and hits a girl and a man* Juice: pass the ball bro! *Kobe/Gigi turns around* Kobe: Got room for 1 more?