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  • The day in the life of bean boy: Wakes up at 3am to go on a run cause he cant lift anything over 5 pounds. After that he goes and picks my cotton and once he picked a decent amount for the day, he logs on Minecraft at 5am. And sweats ranked i mean drenched in sweat. Plays Minecraft all day since he has no irl friends/life then muhndi says its time for bed at 9pm! The life of bean boy (Diego37)!

  • https://gyazo.com/c4f29a84dc45ec70d7a8e7f483134bf9 MD

  • Delete this shit before I do

  • 63 days coming soon to theaters near you

  • U know wats more cringe u commenting on my profile 4 times or u begging me to V u or u taking antidepressants

  • Hey babe

  • 61 days B E A N E R

  • this kid blows

  • 60 days bitch congratz

  • 60 day LETS GOO 1440 hours on lunar good job buddy