Hitmaka Hitmaka


  • Check my fourm page https://gyazo.com/8db47ba321925cca4357728e7e3af63e

  • HELLO MAD???????????????? awesome player bettter than everyone couse hacstusating is bigger than this guy when he q rnaked nodebnufff some ppl with name zilbackinggg he beatted+rapeed on mineclub so this is sotry of bannd yhtis pple on olunar he banned 2 motnhs ago for no hnads player.

  • dang suclks i was right

  • For all the slows he got banned for butterflying

  • cringe

  • Banned again shitbag

  • dang sucks to get unbanned and get banned right after fr

  • complete dogshit of a player

  • you got 6 potted on a server I just got unbanned on please keep crying