Narthex Narthex


  • Dude shut up fatl members

  • when will you come back dude :(

  • Cruddy is better than you at soup

  • do you play minecraft?

  • hey!!!!!! I see you in lunar soup sometimes... and i think you’re really cute!! <3. i just wanted to say that i like you. a lot. like. i ... LOVE YOU?? haha idk.. i’m not sure what to do because edating is uncharted territory for me XD. hopefully you feel the same way crossing my fingers? anyways i’ll let you think about it! in the mean time, i’ll be on at about 7 o clock EST

  • no way i wish you said something sooner because i really like you! we should totally hangout some time it would be super cool. can’t wait to see you at seven tonight babe