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  • queued on west fyi and drained to cheaters im on east now and 65ms is aids

  • didnt have to bring cruz in this, so ig this has to be. hello mad? you are having blastation by of AIDANJERE of having in smash in HD LOL! wills be enjoying your elo :D hello angry ? 5 potationed by one and only me ? AIDANJERE succeed and rule world ? no play week after ? bridgation main .

  • he got 7-4ed freak LMFAOOO

  • yea bc u run me out thinking ur good or sum

  • never said that. get out of my comments and go back to e-dating aidan (your favorite boyfriend)

  • like he said you dont know him, if u get to know him and talk to him hes cool asf

  • eliots bro i fw u n all but aidan might be the nicest guy Ive met in this community

  • idk bro whenever he wins in ranked he says "free" or "dogshit" or whatever when i do nothing like he even commented "free" after i 7-4ed him . you might have good memories with him but hes kinda a jerk in my perspective.

  • stfu aidans legit dont wanna her shit u run me out in fucking debuff pipe down

  • hes dogshit as a player and a person :D