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  • Sex doesn't actually exist. That's right: I'm a sex denier. I mean, you guys don't actually think sex is real right? I mean come on now, that shit only exists on pornhub. You might be asking: then how are babies made? Well, it's pretty simple: the father gives a DNA sample to a doctor. The doctor then makes a human baby seed out of that DNA. The mother swallows that seed which grows into a baby ov


  • hey!!!!!! I see you in lunar soup sometimes... and i think you’re really cute!! <3. i just wanted to say that i like you. a lot. like. i ... LOVE YOU?? haha idk.. i’m not sure what to do because edating is uncharted territory for me XD. hopefully you feel the same way crossing my fingers? anyways i’ll let you think about it! in the mean time, i’ll be on at about 7 o clock EST

  • Big balls 😏😏😩