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  • Hi I'm Bestpepe i wanted ask TheRemarkable if contact me on telegram. @KickedOutOfKFC. i've seen your strafes and overall movement and i think you got training from Marcel. i wanna gladly hear more about it in the future. If you can message me with information on your strafes and movement.

  • Lmao,I don't have telegram tho soon I will. But I have discord TheRemarkable#2179

  • go to hell you are a clown who laughed at me and considered me stupid, I thought for a long time whether this was so, but it's true, and now which of us is a bitch?

  • So I'm clown for something bullshit and you want to me to die over minecraft so sad honestly just gtfo in the community

  • I cut your mother into pieces and then everyone pee on her, you are a fucking fucker, I asked for your opinion that you could not answer adequately for two weeks ... oh, of course, I removed myself from friends because I was objects of fun for you, you stupid bastard

  • best commenter ww

  • Thanks bro I appreciate man I main for lunar forum because it's fun to comment

  • Ofc I was trolling you, hate ofc you will teach egirl to play... And I mustn't know it you are retard freak

  • Ok motherfucker there is reason why i said the skin is good and I lied about it because I don't fucking care you actually retard and called me a hypocrite. I never spoken to her you can even ask her plus you begged me to help u how to potpvp I don't get you sometime. One more time comment I'm just gonna ignore u digesting freak