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Hey guys, we have just completed the Map 7 community montage. As always, big shoutout to Lobsided for putting this together. We hope you enjoy it:

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We'll have information regarding Map 8 soon!

Map 7 EOTW will be taking place tomorrow at 5PM EST. The winners will be awarded with a custom EOTW cloak along with 10 free cloaks, which can be chosen from our store. The capper and FFA winner will be awarded with a rank.

Be sure to submit clips from Map 7 for a chance to be featured in our Map 7 community montage.

Information regarding Map 8 will be coming Soon™...

Hey guys, after nearly 14 hours of fighting, Voltage has capped the first Citadel of Map 7.

If any factions need help clearing out grief from their base, join and a staff member will help you. We also expanded the border to 5,000.

The following events will take place during the second week of the Map:

• 20 minute Nether Koth on Monday @ 3:30PM EST
• 20 minute End Koth on Tuesday @ 3:30PM EST
• Conquest on Wednesday @ 3:30PM EST

We will announce weekend events in a separate post. We hope you all had fun today and we hope that everyone will continue playing the second week.

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